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Snows Insanity

Always Carry a Spare...

My model Torchwood Hub, built from scratch
TWHub Set1 All (1)

TWHub Set1 All (3)

TWHub Set1 All (12)

TWHub Set1 All (23)

TWHub Set1 All (27)

TWHub Set1 All (29)

TWHub Set1 All (33)

TWHub Set1 All (37)

more pics here:
Photobucket link

or here:

Flickr link

JB on Children in Need 2009
ah, it's been a very long while since i posted here...

i hope i'm doing it right. (let me know if i've not friendslocked it or whatever)


JB was on Children in Need and i did an .avi download of it so i thought i'd share it here for a change, please do not repost this link or re-upload the file:

here's the small bit with JB & the others that did Around the World in 80 Days and then JB singing the Rock n Roll Song in boxer shorts!!
(60Mb .avi, ok quality)

(no subject)
I've been messing around with the new carpet with the two Jacks :P

and I finished my TW Action Jack a while ago ;)

ain't he a cutie :o)

Central Park West
More CPW to view and/or download :D. Parts 17 to 27. 27 is the final installment *sob*!

[all files long since gone! - 2012]

Central Park West
There are 9 parts available now. I'll start from the top...

[these files are out of date, i'll rehost someday - 6/2/12]

Two new Torchwood pics
Two new Torchwood pics found today :)

Both with John :D

Captain Jack Action Figure
Captain Jack Harkness Action Figure!!!

front view

side view

butt view

with the TARDIS

couldn't resist them...


guarding my CD's :)

What we listening to?

time to go?


(no subject)
I'll get used to this one day...